September 20, 2023


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What to have in your bag when you take a (very) long flight?

I had even calculated a year before the pandemic that I had spent an entire week on the plane, putting together all my flight hours. And if you’re not comfortably seated in business, it’s not always easy to feel comfortable stuck in small narrow seats. So here are some good allies in which to invest, so that the trip is more comfortable and passes (above all) faster.

A comfortable sleeping mask

My first piece of advice, if you are about to do more than X hours of flight, and you have a choice, would be to favor night flights. Tired, it is easier to sleep and the journey goes by faster. Even if all companies provide night masks, they are inevitably made of not very pleasant and standardized materials, therefore not suitable for everyone. The best is still to afford a silk satin mask, which is not too tight and can be kept on the eyes for a long time.

A cashmere blanket…

As the air conditioning is running at full speed and you don’t want to catch a cold before you’ve even arrived at the other end of the world, it’s best to cover up on the plane. Rather than wrapping yourself in stuffy synthetic mohair, it’s best to bring your own blanket. The advantage of cashmere is that it’s fine, soft and it keeps you warm without burning your cheeks.

…And cashmere socks

I would even tend to encourage a full cashmere look, as it remains the most pleasant material over time. Otherwise, socks are a must to avoid getting cold.

A lip balm

As the air is in a closed circuit, we tend to have dry lips in the plane. Based on shea butter and avocado and coconut oils, the balm from Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of the sure values.

A large water bottle

I strongly advise against limiting yourself to small cups of water, which you can receive in dribs and drabs. On the contrary, the best is still to take the lead by boarding with 1.5 to 2L of water and not hesitate to ask for refills. Then suddenly it will force you to get up more often, to move, which is beneficial.

A soothing mist

Lots of people in a small space, cuisine that is inevitably a bit limited and not necessarily delicious, air conditioning… The olfactory universe of a plane is rarely extraordinary. In addition to smelling great, Aime’s Sleep & Glow sleep mist helps you fall asleep and soothes the senses.

A first aid kit

8, 10, 3 pm Stuck on a plane when you have an excruciating migraine, raw eyes or even nausea, it can be very, very long. Not to mention that these evils (even if you don’t want them to) can follow you to countries or destinations with limited resources in this area. Also, I strongly recommend having with you painkillers for use, physiological saline (especially if you wear contact lenses), intimate protections, antihistamines… And if you specifically have a small pathology that is clean, do not hesitate to slip the 2 saving capsules inside.

A good book

Even if the plane often gives the opportunity to watch many films that we haven’t necessarily had time to see in the cinema, the screens are boring and it’s not bad to rest your eyes while reading. Already because it helps you to fall asleep, but also because with the hectic pace of life that we have, it is sometimes complicated to take the time to read. You have a boulevard here and objectively nothing better to do.

CBD gummies

More convenient to carry than oil, CBD bears can help relax when you’re a little anxious on the plane. Stuck between two people, shaken by strong turbulence, as long as you’ve watched a sad movie or think about an angry subject, they can help you let go. (Also chew on the descent if you have a little earache).

A notebook

To organize your arrival or return to-do list, write a draft letter you’ve always wanted to send, reflect on your life, jot down daily observations or go on a lyrical flight, the plane gives you the opportunity to rediscover yourself and do some mental sorting. Already because in the literal sense, we distance ourselves, but also, because tearing ourselves away from everyday life, by going to distant lands, gives perspectives that it can be interesting to contemplate.

An Airpods case

Aerial drama of the decade, the loss of Airpods and other IPhones, which slip (most often in the middle of the night) under the reclined seats. So much so that you have surely noticed that an automatic message indicates that it is then imperative to ask the flight attendants to intervene, before climbing over their neighbor or frantically moving their seat forward and backward, plunging the object lost in a mechanical limbo from which it cannot come out or damaged. Parade ultimate, a case as beautiful as it is useful which ensures that you always have the said objects available around your neck.

A hydrating beauty kit

It’s a secret for no one, the air in the plane is not optimal. If you have sensitive skin as a bonus, it is best to moisturize it with an anthology of suitable products. Like the mini travel kit from Biologique Recherche which brings together a cleansing milk, the famous P50 lotion, targeted serums and a day cream.

Compression stockings

On paper it’s sexy. However, sitting for hours can have a whole host of bad effects on the legs, ranging from the simple feeling of heaviness and swelling to more serious venous disorders.