September 21, 2023


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What do the colors of your underwear say about you?

The underwear models that you always choose definitely speak about you, but they are not the only ones, your favorite colors or the ones that most attract your attention when buying this garment, can reveal part of your personality. Will they hit you? You will find out now.

What the colors of your underwear say about you:

Today, the underwear market brings a diversity of creations between models, designs and colors. It was many years ago that there was no room for it, the truss were considered as pants of a classic or conservative cut and you could only get them in white, black and beige. Totally different from what is handled in the current industry! and it is that there was a change of attitude in women, which also caused a change in their image and their essence.

Having said this, you will know that colors undoubtedly played a leading role in this change. Well, we know that you are already dying to know what they say about you. Let’s get started!


Chosen by tender women with touches of ingenuity. Of course you are romantic and an eternal lover of life. Pink is the color of femininity and the one that awakens youth in your body.


It is also the tone of tenderness, but it is the most chosen by modern and daring women. This color goes very well with special occasions as a couple.


Sought after by women who want to appear younger, since it is a very youthful color with a lot of energy. It will be a note of shine on your skin.


It is the color of women who are sure of themselves, determined, with initiative and who will always make a difference. A color that awakens elegance and control.

Purple, Lilac or Violet

If most of your clothes are this color, consider yourself a girl who overflows with sensuality and provocation. It is the color that breaks the traditional.


If this color in underwear surprises you, let us tell you that this tone goes hand in hand with originality, as well as being a representative of nature. It is the color of independent, simple and vital women.


The color of boldness. Every day there are more and more women who have at least one of these colored garments in their drawers. It represents innovative ladies who love to surprise.


The most used, especially by women who love to appear mysterious and sensual. A classic tone that will never go out of style and that is capable of arousing passions.


If white is the predominant color in your underwear, you are a woman who likes to enhance her natural beauty. In addition to being a classic color, it will make you look impeccable at all times. It represents sweet and simple women.


Sophisticated and elegant. You are a practical woman when it comes to dressing. It is the color chosen by many women who show self-confidence.

Gray or lead

It is the color of maturity and sobriety. It is the favorite of women who like traditional and elegant but who do not lose their sexy side.


Like green, it is not a typical color and is normally worn by modern, happy and independent women.