September 22, 2023


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Types of panties. Discover all the types of panties that exist

Within women’s underwear, panties are essential for any woman and there is evidence of their existence since ancient times. Over the centuries they have evolved, improving the fabrics, the comfort and varying the shapes until reaching all the types of panties that we know today.

There are many types of panties and it is interesting to know them all to be able to choose the model and the cut with which you feel most comfortable or the one that is most suitable for the clothes you wear.


They are the type of panties of a lifetime. You have worn them since you were a child and they are very comfortable. They perfectly cover the buttocks. It is wide at the front and the sides are a little higher than bikini-cut panties. This type of panties is not very sexy but there are more and more brands that enhance this model with transparencies and lace, although the basic one never fails!


Bikini panties are a type of panties that are a little more stylized than normal panties: they are more low-cut in the front, have a higher leg cut and are thinner at the hips. It is a very flattering and comfortable type of panties for any occasion that can be used for all occasions. There’re invisible, lace, cotton panties …


High-waisted panties have a retro style that is very fashionable, they cover the entire belly up to the navel area and from behind they also perfectly cover the buttocks. Many of them have a slight molding effect that smoothes the abdomen and hips. It is a cut that defines the waist more and should never be combined with low-waisted skirts or pants!


The Brazilian panties are a mix between a thong and a shorty. On the front they look like normal bikini panties while on the back they have a V-cut that reveals part of the buttocks. There are more low-cut and others less. It is one of the sexiest cuts that exist and it is very common to use them with a matching bra for special occasions. Most play with lace, tulle and transparencies, although there are also the basic invisible ones:


Thongs are a type of panty that covers the front but does not cover anything at the back. There are several types of width for the back, from a thin string-like strap like the Selmark Diabolo 8100 thong to wider models like the PrimaDonna Deauville 0661810 thong. Although the best-known thongs are those with a normal and low waist, there are also high-waisted thongs with a girdle effect, such as the Magic Bodyfashion 40CT thong. It is one of the sexiest types of panties that exist, although the issue of comfort is more questionable because some women find it super comfortable while others find it quite the opposite. Thongs are perfect to wear with very tight clothing such as leggings.


The culotte covers the groin and all the buttocks well, like very short shorts that feel very good, especially for girls with a lot of hips and upturned buttocks. They are usually low-waisted to frame the hips and buttocks.

The Shorty is more low-cut than the culotte, especially at the back, although it usually has a slightly wider cut than the Brazilian so it covers the buttocks more. The short is also known as a hipster short, similar to hipster panties.


This type of girdle panties are very practical to avoid chafing between the thighs and are also very functional to wear with semi-transparent or fitted dresses because they help the leg not show through and are not as noticeable as normal panties. In addition, pantaloon girdles flatten the belly, hips and upper part of the thighs, further stylizing your figure. There are medium-waisted ones that reach the navel, such as the Janira Friction Free Panty Girdle and the very high-waisted panty girdles, which reach below the chest and shape the waist, belly, hips and cartridge belts.


The girdle panty is fantastic for reducing the belly and styling the figure. Perfect to wear with fitted dresses, jeans and whatever you want. A few years ago they were very orthopedic but today you can find them in various colors and with lace and tulle finishes that make them more attractive and modern. Like the panty girdle, the girdle panty has two heights.


Seamless, laser-cut invisible panties in all patterns: thongs, bikini panties, culottes, shorts, girdles and also in various heights. They are ideal to wear with very tight clothes because they do not mark anything, as long as you wear the right size. Here we leave you some models of invisible panties with laser cut:

Keep in mind that it is very important to wear the right size. If we wear a size that is too small it will dig into our skin and that is not only unsightly because it is very noticeable under clothes, but it is not healthy to wear too tight. It is also not good to wear panties a little big because they move and are uncomfortable.