September 27, 2023


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This is Neems, the company that creates custom denim pants

The pants are right up there with swimsuits on the list of least nice things to buy thanks to wildly inconsistent sizing between brands and limited options for anyone who doesn’t fit a so-called “standard” body type.

That’s why a new direct-to-consumer denim company wants to eliminate these kinds of issues entirely. Neems manufactures high-quality jean pants that are custom designed for your body, without the need to go to the tailor. All you do is choose your jean style online, submit your measurements and you’re done! Jeans made specifically for you will be shipped to your door within two weeks.

Neems jeans don’t just promise a better fit; they’re also better for the planet, thanks to being made from 100% recycled materials. Due to the fact that the jeans are handmade to order, there is also no risk of overproduction, and returns are recycled or donated.

As a woman with a human body, I’ve struggled my whole life to find a pant that fits correctly. Intrigued by the promise of jeans that didn’t gap at the waist but also didn’t threaten to cut off circulation in my thighs, I decided to give Neems a try.

How Neems Works

Custom-made jeans require more upfront work than traditional shopping, but Neems makes the process pretty painless. After deciding on the style, weight, and color you want (more on that below), I took nine different waist and leg measurements. It’s not as daunting as it sounds: short videos on the page walk you through each step, and Neems will even mail you a free tape measure if you need one.

Neems Denim Styles

There are four colors of Neems denim currently available: classic blue, deep indigo, white, and black. There are four silhouettes to choose from (or get one of each): straight, skinny, wide leg, and mom jeans

Sort with Neems

Two very different styles of jeans from Neems were ordered for comparison: light blue jeans in 13-ounce denim and indigo comfort stretch skinnies. After entering my measurements and placing my order, the company quickly contacted me to ask for any preferences beyond measurements, like how wide my back pockets should be and how high the jeans should hang.

Neems customer service, we must point out here, is impeccable; The company responded quickly and helpfully to all my questions. With my decisions made (standard pockets, 2 inches above the ankle), my order was hand-shipped at the company’s Los Angeles factory in the United States.

First impressions

In the beginning, mom jeans looked so cool that I wanted to pretend that I did not have to stop breathing to wear them. Unfortunately, it seems that I had pulled the tape measure too tightly around my waist in my initial measurements. I emailed Neems to describe the areas that felt too tight; they responded within a day and got another pair in production almost immediately.

The updated pair arrived in about two weeks and was perfect. Although I had no intention of leaving my apartment, I wore them for a complete week.

They also washed beautifully (although I avoided the dryer), with no weird fraying or warping. They are without a doubt my new favorite pants, and I look forward to Neems starting to offer the style in more shades and fabrics.

The skinnies, which I ordered after my initial pair with my updated measurements, fit great right off the bat. They hug my body without highlighting cellulite and are so comfortable I wouldn’t mind wearing them while working from home. The lighter fabric loosened up substantially more than the mom jeans over the course of the day, but that’s not surprising given that it’s stretchy denim. However, the fit, rich indigo color, and comfort of the pajamas made me a fan.

Some things to improve

At $189 for pants, Neems jeans are hardly cheap denim. But given the quality of the materials, the company’s commitment to sustainability, and the fact that you may never have to step foot in a hideously lit dressing room again, they’re a worthy investment. Neems prices are on par with luxury denim brands like Agolde and Citizens of Humanity. Also, keep in mind that you will not have to pay for any changes.

The other drawback of Neems jeans is that they require some patience. Getting custom pants will always take longer than ordering a ready-made pair from a site like Shopbop, and things get even trickier if you have to send your jeans back for fittings. That said, having an American factory (as opposed to one abroad) gives Neems some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and it’s well worth the wait.

The conclusion

Neems is an incredible change for anyone who has struggled to find their dream jeans and now I will be a customer for life.