September 20, 2023


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The Story Behind the Lost Tribe, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival’s Most Fashionable Band

The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is one of the most iconic festivals in the world. It’s a time when people from all over the globe come together to celebrate life, culture, and music. One of the most fashionable bands in the carnival is the Lost Tribe, which has gained popularity in recent years. This article explores the story behind the Lost Tribe, its journey to become one of the most sought-after carnival bands, and its impact on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

What is the Lost Tribe?

The Lost Tribe is a carnival band that was founded in 2015 by three friends, Valmiki Maharaj, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Laura Dowrich-Phillips. The trio aimed to create a carnival experience that was unique and authentic, inspired by the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

The name “Lost Tribe” was inspired by the idea of a group of people who were lost in time, but still preserved their traditions and customs. The founders believed that the name represented the band’s mission to connect with the roots of carnival and celebrate the country’s cultural heritage.

The Lost Tribe quickly gained popularity in the carnival scene, known for its unique approach to costume design, innovative use of technology, and immersive experience.

Design and Technology

One of the most striking features of the Lost Tribe is its use of technology in costume design. The band’s designers incorporate elements like LED lights, fiber-optics, and 3D printing into their designs, creating a futuristic and otherworldly aesthetic.

The band’s costume designs are also inspired by the natural beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, featuring intricate details and textures that reflect the country’s flora and fauna.

The Lost Tribe’s designers have won several awards for their innovative approach to costume design, including the 2019 Band of the Year award.

The Carnival Experience

The Lost Tribe’s carnival experience is one of the most immersive and authentic in Trinidad and Tobago. The band offers a complete carnival experience, from costume design to music and entertainment.

The band’s members are encouraged to participate in the creation of their costumes, attending workshops to learn how to make accessories and add finishing touches to their outfits. The band also hosts events like pre-carnival fetes, where members can socialize and get to know each other.

On carnival day, the Lost Tribe offers a unique experience for its members, featuring a live performance by soca artists, DJs, and other musicians. The band’s members also have access to VIP areas, where they can relax and enjoy the festivities.

The Lost Tribe has become a popular choice for both locals and tourists who want to experience carnival in a unique and immersive way.

Impact on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Lost Tribe has had a significant impact on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, both in terms of design and culture.

The band’s use of technology in costume design has influenced other carnival bands to incorporate similar elements in their designs. The Lost Tribe has also inspired a new generation of designers, who are pushing the boundaries of traditional carnival costume design.

In terms of culture, the Lost Tribe has revived interest in Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural heritage, particularly in the area of carnival. The band’s founders have emphasized the importance of preserving the country’s traditions and customs, and this message has resonated with many Trinidadians and Tobagonians.

The Lost Tribe has also had a positive impact on the local economy, with the band’s popularity attracting tourists from all over the world. The band has also created jobs for local artisans and designers, contributing to the country’s creative economy.

The Lost Tribe is a testament to the power of innovation, creativity, and culture. The band’s founders have created a unique carnival experience that celebrates Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries