September 21, 2023


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The perfect wedding dress: How do you get the best option right?

When choosing the ideal dress, every bride knows the importance of this decision. It is usually a very thoughtful choice and not only because of the price, but because it is the image that she will remember and that will be reflected in the photos and videos forever.

Specialists say that the key is to make the bride feel comfortable and confident. This sensation will be transmitted to her guests and it is what they will perceive. That is why it is recommended to set aside time to investigate and test several options before deciding. There are some classifications regarding shape and style that can help you select the ideal dress.


There is a way for each bride, you just have to find the appropriate one for each case:

Line A

It is the most traditional, and it adapts to all types of figures and bodies. The A-shaped skirt hides the hips and thighs, marking the waist and emphasizing the hourglass figure.


It is the dress that we imagine when we think of a Disney princess. The top is fitted and the skirt has a lot of volume. In this type of dress, a strapless or sweetheart neckline is usually used. It is also a very suitable option for a classic or traditional wedding.

To balance the figure, it is ideal for any type of body, although it may be excessive on a short figure.

Pipe or empire

This type of design is characterized by straight lines that go from the shoulders to the feet. The empire cut dress is marked just below the chest. Visually, the straight cut elongates the silhouette, which is why it is recommended for short brides.

Siren or trumpet

There is not much difference between them but they are not exactly the same. It is called a trumpet when the skirt is fitted above the knees and then opens to the floor. The mermaid cut opens after the knees and unfolds with a train.

This type of dress is ideal for hourglass or triangle-shaped bodies to emphasize the figure. For curvy bodies they can be too much.


For the most modern, choosing a suit with pants is a chic and comfortable option that shows a lot of personality.


When choosing the style of the dress, it is important that it goes according to the type of celebration so as not to lose the harmony of the ceremony:


It is characterized by a simple and refined style. Fresh look that enhances “less is more”.


This dress is timeless and elegant and no matter how many years go by, it will always work. It has traditional features such as volume, a long drop, ruffles, beading or lace that evoke elegance and femininity.


In this type, simplicity and delicacy stand out. We can see flowing fabrics with a lot of fall that enhance the elegance and innocence of the bride.


Quite the opposite of the previous styles. This dress expresses strength and self-confidence. Glam dresses are sophisticated, with deep, tight necklines and lots of beads, lace and sparkles.

Hippie chic

Bohemian and carefree dresses. The fabrics used are made of light materials with a lot of flight such as silk, chiffon and natural fabrics such as linen. Ideal for Ibizan type weddings.


Depending on the trend of the moment, non-traditional dresses are chosen, such as short ones, colors other than white and its derivatives, with an asymmetrical cut or even a suit or jumpsuit.


These form and style classifications are merely a guide, and rules are meant to be broken. Once the ideal model has been selected, it is essential to do a costume test or costume rehearsal: walk, sit, jump, raise your arms, etc., to verify that it works at all times.

It is common for women to have a dress idea in mind, but when trying it on it was not what they expected. For this reason, we must never forget that if this happens it is time to open your mind and remember that the dress has to adapt to you, not you to the dress. Never be obsessed with that initial idea, because there is nothing uglier than a bride pulling up the part of the strapless neckline, or putting on her clothes every 10 minutes.

Open mind until you find a dress that is like an extension of the body. Being comfortable is essential to enjoy 100% of that great day. Each bride should wear the dress that she most desires, always and without exception. That will be the perfect wedding dress.