September 21, 2023


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The Iconic Hooded Dress of the 80s is Making a Comeback – Get Ready for the X-Ray View!

A plethora of notable personalities have embraced the hooded dress trend in recent times, including Miley Cyrus, Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, and Katie Holmes. The hooded dress, as designed by prominent fashion houses such as Saint Laurent and Alaia, has been a longstanding emblem of fashion since the 1980s and continues to be so to this day.

The hood has been a prominent feature in clothing throughout history, appearing in garments as varied as medieval monk’s habits and the attire of Renaissance nobility and royalty. In recent years, the hood has become a staple in urban fashion, particularly in the form of sweatshirts. The significance of the hood reached new heights in recent years when knitted hoods emerged as a prominent accessory among fashion experts. This year, the hood has taken on new dimensions, transitioning from being associated solely with sweatshirts or winter wear to appearing in elegant hooded dresses, which have become a frequent sight on red carpets.

The hooded dress, a garment with a distinct modern aesthetic, has roots dating back to 1940. It was first introduced in the women’s magazine McCalls, which specialized in sewing patterns, and featured a dress known as the “princess dress with a hood” that was touted as something entirely new. Following its initial success in the United States during World War II, hooded dresses reached the height of their popularity in the 1980s, with fashion brands such as Alaia and the model and actress Grace Jones making the hooded dress a defining feature. In particular, Grace Jones was known for her frequent wearing of hooded dresses, particularly after her appearance in the James Bond film “A View To Kill” and at various public appearances and performances, all of which were designed by Alaia and paired with striking makeup and jewelry.

In the 1990s, Saint Laurent introduced a version of a hooded dress in their 1991-92 autumn-winter collection. This particular style, a gold-colored dress, was revisited in 2023 by Miley Cyrus, who wore it in the music video for her song “Flowers”.

The hooded dress made a resurgence on the Alaia runway, leading to its reemergence as a favored garment among celebrities for formal events. As a result, hooded dresses from Saint Laurent and various other brands have become a popular choice among celebrities.

The hooded dress has been a recurring element in the autumn-winter 2022/23 collections of various fashion houses, including Balmain, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Coperni among others.

The hooded dress in 2023 continues to be a favorite among celebrities, with notable personalities such as Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes, Margot Robbie, Jenna Ortega, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, and Taylor Hill among those who have been spotted wearing the garment.

Although they are appearing non-stop this year, the cowl dress has never really gone away. Janelle Monae wore one at the 2020 Oscars, while Anne Hathaway did so at the 2015 MET Gala and Lady Gaga wore them endlessly in 2008.

It is evident that the hooded dress has become a preferred choice among celebrities for formal events. However, the popularity of this trend is so significant that it is likely that the hooded dress will also be incorporated into more casual styles in the future. This serves as yet another example of the cyclical nature of fashion and the enduring appeal of iconic designs.