September 27, 2023


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The history of classic tennis shoes that have fascinated asphalt for decades

The high-top sneakers and other low-tops from Converse All Star captivated street style. We tell you how his story has been.

Converse sneakers make us wonder, do they ever go out of style? Their name bears the versatility and elegance that have made them a cult accessory for asphalt. This is to the point of being worn by the most prominent prescribers, such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Katie Holmes.

The truth is that if we review the street style fashion archive , we see a large number of sets created with the classic Converse tennis shoes . Tailored pants, straight jeans, blazers, dresses and knitted sweaters have been associated with this shoe. In short, they are the stylistic kings. But since when did they acquire so much power? The history is long and dates back to 1908.

Take a seat and let’s make ourselves comfortable for a while, because the time has come to find out how, when and where the tennis shoes that today dominate the closet of the best dressed were created.

What is the history of Converse tennis?

It all started with the creation of the Converse Rubber Shoe Company founded by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908, in Malden Massachusetts. Later, it was in 1917 when the first All Star shoes made only of rubber and canvas were designed, and designed for the professional basketball league. It seems hard to imagine that they were meant just for the court, but in 1921 the magic began. American basketball player Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor joined the Converse Society-sponsored team, becoming its main ambassador. While Taylor toured the United States teaching basketball courses in high schools, he also publicized Converse All Star tennis shoes. His expertise allowed him to contribute to design improvements in terms of style and finishes, perfecting flexibility and stability, as well as incorporating the traditional patch to protect the ankle.

The Converse All Star began to be worn by various professional basketball players, and shortly after the Olympic Games athletes also added them to their activities. In 1930, after the improvements led by Chuck Taylor were made , the company added his name to the All Star logo, and the well-known and mythical Converse Chuck Taylor All Star were born there .

How were the first designs of the All Star? They were in a single tone, both the rubber and the body were black. Another of its variations was in total white with blue and red borders, and finally, a design in black leather. Until Converse made a modification in 1949, the laces and outer wraps were white, giving it the look of the iconic black and white Converse.

In the 1960s, basketball players were still the main ambassadors of the All Star sneakers , but little by little their popularity spread towards street style , thus touching urban subcultures, such as musicians and different artists. They became a symbol of the punk and grunge movement, as well as a feature of American fashion.

Where was the Converse tennis brand created?

The Converse company , known at its inception as the Converse Rubber Shoe Company , was created by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, in 1908. However, it was not until 1917 that the company really began its rise after the creation of the All Star tennis , a canvas design designed to be the elite shoe in the basketball universe.

What is the meaning of Converse All Star?

The Converse All Star became the symbol of youth, rebellion and expression. His stylistic weight not only touched the spheres of sport, but also of music and culture of the 20th century. To reference it in a better way, we can remember how in the 70s the Ramones made them part of their aesthetics, in the 80s the artist Basquiat made them his own, and in the 90s Kurt Cobain.

How many Converse tennis styles are there in 2023?

Within the Converse designs for 2023 we find five classic silhouettes, which will become an essential.

Converse – Choclo

We start with the Choclo . The reference that is characterized by being low or without a boot. Among its variables we find the Chuck 70, the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Canvas One Star.

Converse High Top Sneakers

There is the best known reference of Converse : the boot tennis . We find in the first instance the well-known and beloved Chuck Tylor All Star , followed by the swag-style Chuck 70, the Run Star Hike , the Run Star Motion and the Counter Climate.

Converse sneakers with platform

Then we find a design that has truly captivated the sphere of street style. It is about the Converse tennis with platform . There are the Chuck Tylor in its tall version, perfect for those who want to innovate without leaving the classic style. Then, we find the Run Star Motion with a robust sole and we finish with the Run Star Hike. Platform models are found in bootie or low -top finishes .

Converse slip-on tennis

The slip ons are characterized by their mule-style endings or sometimes the body is much lower than the traditional low .

Converse mid-boot tennis

Lastly, as the name suggests, the mid-top Converse has a midi look. The bootie-like finish hits just below the ankles. Among its references we find the Chuck Taylor All Star and the All Star Bb.