September 26, 2023


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The essential guide to detox your closet and organize everything again

With summer a new opportunity opens to review our fashion choices, make room for the new and get rid of what doesn’t really add up.

During the quarantine, many were able to review many things in their lives at that time, including our closets. If you didn’t get a chance to do a closet cleanout, it’s worth a try before you get back to your new normal.

If you managed to stop spending dozens of ‘loungewear’ outfits on online purchases (another of the great trends of the pandemic era) we must congratulate you. If you’re used to living in your pajamas, it’s time to look through your closet, select, and remove things once and for all.

Here is a guide on how to achieve this ‘detox’ in your closet:

1. Set aside a time to do it

A closet cleaning is not an easy matter, so do not rush. It is better to spend some time, for example a whole weekend , to complete this mission. You must contemplate at least a full day, so that you can organize everything. In general, this type of cleaning always takes more time than we expect.

2. Chaos but organized

Once you decide to do it, be prepared for the big mess your room will be in. Remember that it will only be temporary. You will have to remove all the pieces that are in your closet, organize them in piles (that have some order or category) and start selecting.

Keep large bags nearby (that are not garbage, as they could break with the weight) and thus separate the pieces that will come out of the closet to their new destination in a place of donations, friends or an acquaintance . It would be ideal if you could also recycle it.

Another good option are resale sites like Depop, Vinted, Vestiare Collective and Hewi , to give a new life to those pieces that are in good condition and that can cheer someone else up for their good design.

3. Do you really need it?

It’s common for you to think you need the cream jumper , but do you really need the cream jumper ? The pandemic has undoubtedly helped us change our concepts of how to dress and buy.

Remember that many of the things you have, you probably haven’t even used in times of pandemic. But if you didn’t even wear that cream-colored jumper in ‘normal times’ what’s the point of keeping it? You will have to be a little rude and put everything you no longer use in the ‘going away’ pile.

4. Seriously…

For some it is not so easy to say goodbye to pieces that have sentimental value. If you are in doubt, it is best to ask for the opinion of an honest friend. Share photos via WhatsApp with the pieces that make you doubt and ask for someone else’s objective opinion.

5. Don’t start reviewing again

A deep cleaning involves reviewing those old pieces with which you go to the gym, more formal clothes and underwear. Attack these elements after going through your everyday clothes, but before going with the ‘sentimental’ pieces.

No one is putting a gun to your head, so don’t feel compelled to get rid of things you genuinely treasure, despite the space they take up. So perhaps the option is to invest in some form of special storage.

6. If they have a tag, they must leave

With all the experience accumulated in times of pandemic , it is more than clear that those pieces that remained for a long time gathering dust and with their label intact must go. Remember that tagged pieces are even more attractive on resale sites.

7. Analyze how you can monetize

If you are still not willing to let go of that special piece that was a great investment, you could try renting it on platforms like By Rotation or Hurr Collective. You can also take the opportunity to rent things that you do not want to have forever and thus gain space. Rotaro, Cocoon Club, Hardly Ever Worn It, Onloan, and MyWardrobeHD are other rental sites worth checking out.

8. Hang out but with style

Now so that it’s not all boring, after ditching those old jeans, going down memory lane, and separating yourself from your emotions in the process, now it’s time to breathe. It is the turn to select, hang and heal.

It is worth investing in wooden coat hooks (forget the aluminum ones) and if you do not have space, placing a shoe rack like the one offered by John Lewis is ideal. Also remember the smart ‘racks’ from The Holding Company, approved by decoration experts, as well as the fabric boxes from Mangata that will keep everything tidy and elegant.

9. Fold or hang?

Organize your clothes according to the type of material. Delicate clothes, which tend to wrinkle easily, such as silk, chiffon or satin, should remain hanging. Like linen clothes, since being on hooks will prevent them from wrinkles. If you don’t have much space, the linen pieces can be folded but with the inside out.

Pieces that are prone to stretching when hung should be folded. It’s those heavy pieces like knit sweaters that need to be carefully packed after winter.

Dresses (except for knits and stretch ones), as well as blouses and slacks should hang, while jeans, jumpers and T-shirts can live folded in your drawers.

10. Better without moths

You can find ways to keep bugs at bay. If moths have done their thing in the past with your cashmere sweaters, wood is the answer. Muji’s solid hooks in cedar wood help you maintain a pleasant smell and will prevent unwanted guests from settling inside your closet. You can also consider those of John Lewis.

11. Do you dress according to the season?

Everyone who rotates their closet according to the seasons should explore expanding storage space and using places like the one under their beds, also try vacuum packing clothes to gain extra space. The idea is that you don’t have to search through your winter coats to find the sneakers that will save you in a sudden heat wave.