September 23, 2023


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The essential garments and accessories to survive the cold with style

Discover which are the best purchases to create the best looks on a daily basis

We show you a compilation of the most used garments this winter , which we advise you to take into account in order to create the best daily looks. For example, the most used coats are in a neutral or camel tone and aviator jackets . As a complement, you should take into account scarves and hats . It doesn’t matter what color or design you buy! Regarding the pants and t-shirts, opt for basic and minimalist garments to combine them easily, although if you want something more striking , you will always have the option of cargo pants . And to complete your outfits, choose aShoes like ballerinas for the most special occasions and to wear your favorite brand sports shoes or UGG boots comfortably and casually.

In camel color, the coat that never goes out of style

One of the most timeless garments in the fashion industry, due to its versatility, comfort and elegance. In this case, we can see that, along with her camel coat, she has achieved a simple and perfect look for everyday life with just a black turtleneck sweater and sunglasses.

Some UGG, the best footwear to be comfortable and not get cold

The characteristic format of these boots makes the rest of the items in the look fade into the background. Therefore, if you are looking for a basic option , but one that transforms your looks, the UGG Classic Mini and Ultra Mini ankle boots are your best option.

Contrast any look with your favorite scarf

Look for scarves with bright colors and formats and textures different from what we are used to seeing to get the perfect complement to contrast all your looks and give personality to any basic garment with which it is combined.

Create the best looks with cargo pants

They have been the protagonists of this last season thanks to the rise of Y2K garments and it is clear that they are one of the best options to choose for the best looks . Combine them with a bomber jacket , heels and a small bag and you will have a perfect outfit for any occasion .

Don’t forget a knitted hat

The model Bella Hadid has chosen a pink knitted hat to match her shirt to give color to the rest of the clothes in the look . Undoubtedly, one of the best options to break the monochromy of it and play with the rudeness of the textures of the pants and leather jacket.

The aviator jacket revolution

The latest trend this winter has been the aviator jacket , the perfect jacket to give personality to any basic and even monochromatic look, as in this case.

Combine your basic sweatshirts with an oversize blazer

Hailey Bieber is one of the biggest defenders of urban looks, as we can see in this image where she only needed a hooded sweatshirt in a basic color , an oversized jacket with a striped print and a cap to create one of the best styles of this season.

Some ballerinas, the best option to be comfortable and chic

We already saw, for example in Miu Miu , that satin ballerinas were going to be the stars of your closet. We haven’t stopped seeing them on social networks for more than two months in most of the looks of influencers like Bella Hadid or Dulceida. If you are looking for comfortable and sophisticated footwear , this is your best option.