September 27, 2023


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The best color in the world : Why do some colors look better on you than others?

If you take a look at your closet there will surely be colors that are repeated and others that are not. Colorimetry is something that stylists take into account when choosing a look or even a wardrobe for a client.

A well-chosen color can emphasize your look, illuminate your face or enhance the shine of your hair. On the contrary, if you make the wrong choice, you can achieve the opposite effect: a tired face, marked dark circles and accentuated imperfections.

The four Seasons

In addition to our personal appreciation and judgment, there are several methods to find out the color palette that best suits a person, but the most widespread (and easiest), suitable for anyone who is not a specialist in the subject, is the four-o’clock method. seasons.

This procedure is inspired by the cycle of nature and its color change, as the months go by. It is a colorimetry study based on the color of skin, hair and eyes from which we can extract the ideal color palette for each person, assigning the name of a season to each set of common features.

We divide the key harmonies into two groups, which in turn are divided into two ranges each:

  1. Cold color group: they correspond to the summer and winter subgroups, the peak seasons.
  2. Group of warm colors: to this palette belong the subgroups of spring and autumn, the seasons between seasons.

Entering subdivisions within each station requires consulting an expert, but here you have, in broad strokes, the basics you should know to use this methodology yourself.

The first thing you have to do to identify with the group and subgroup to which you belong is to look at your eye color, your current hair color, and your facial skin color. These parameters do not have the same importance, each characteristic has a value for its degree of influence: 3 points for skin color, 2 for hair and 1 for eyes.

Assign a score to each group, based on how your traits match.

cool color group

  • In this group are people who have very light or pink skin, with cold undertones (blue, pink). One trick is to look at the veins in the wrists.
  • Ash blonde, platinum blonde, black, white, gray or deep chocolate hair.
  • The eyes can be dark brown, black, green, blue, or grayish.

warm color group

  • People belonging to this group have a brown skin tone that tends to yellow or gold. They tan easily and in this case the veins on the wrists are green.
  • Hair can be brown, ginger, auburn, dark blonde, or golden blonde.
  • The eyes are light brown, honey or hazel.
  • If you add up the points and have a tie, you’re in a neutral category, which means pretty much any color will look good on you.

For the classification in the subgroup of seasons, only skin and hair color is taken into account.

Cold colors:

  • Light skin + light hair = summer.
  • Light skin + dark hair = winter.

warm colors:

  • Dark skin + light hair = spring.
  • Dark skin + dark hair = autumn.

Another way to find out if you belong to the cold or warm group is to take a white scarf and put it under your face in natural light and without makeup. Then bring a golden cloth closer and analyze how the face looks. Does it turn off or light up? Next, do the same with a silver fabric. If gold favors you more, you are warm in tone and if silver suits you better, your tone is cold. If you don’t notice much of the difference, you’re probably neutral. Always use silver metals if you are cold and gold if you are warm.

What colors suit me?

Once associated with a station, keep in mind these generic recommendations that favor each group of people:

  1. Spring: Pastel colors on the warm side of the color wheel, such as beige, coral, peach, yellow, green.
  2. Summer: Cold colors like light blue, mauve, violet.
  3. Autumn: Browns, ochre, orange, olive green, greenish blue.
  4. Winter: Blue, fuchsia, white, black.

There are colors like white and black that are basic for anyone, but as you know, there are different shades and if you use the one that belongs to your harmony, you will look much better. Use off-white if you are in the summer category, light beige if your subgroup is autumn, and ivory if you are spring.

One recommendation is that you have a good wardrobe with neutral colors taken from your palette and choose one or two special colors also called “accent” to be able to create a lot of looks easily by combining these clothes.

Finding your colors and shades will help you on a day-to-day basis when choosing your clothes. When you see yourself with the handsome turned up and they tell you how well what you are wearing looks good on you, you will understand Coco Chanel when she said: “The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you.”