September 20, 2023


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Tell me where you’re going and I’ll tell you what glasses to wear: The must-have sunglasses for this season

Whatever your plans, you should not forget your sunglasses. And it is that just as we do not dress the same for every occasion, we must not neglect the essential accessory this summer, which in addition to completing any summer look worth its salt, protects our eyes from the intense sun.

If you are one of those who like to drive and enjoy the road, either to do Route 66 or drive to Tarifa, the best are polarized glasses, since they contain a special filter that blocks reflected light and only lets light through useful, allowing a vision without reflections and with a natural color and contrast. To drive, I bet on a classic that never fails: Ray-bans. Although there are several models, my favorites are the iconic ones, the aviator ones, although the new ClubRound ones are also great. In addition, you can customize them according to your taste and choose the color of the glass, the frame, etc.

For more exotic vacations, visiting different countries and doing a bit of everything, you need glasses that adapt to any moment – ​​and to any look – like Mr. Boho , especially those in neutral colors that adapt to all styles. Styles. These glasses combine basic and simple lines with classic references and particular elements that provide a differentiating touch. The Dalston model is one of the most seen this season.

The most festive glasses, from my point of view, are the Hawkers. Fun, a little rebellious and an icon of a new generation. They are very light and resistant, so they can accompany you throughout the party – even if you don’t take care of them too much. The frame is made of polycarbonate and all its lenses are polarized and offer 100% protection against UV rays. The new Carey Nebula One X with the pink crystal are great for living music to the limit.

If you are one of those who can only think about the beach, sunsets, boat trips, beach bars… Goodbye, Rita sunglasses are a great option. The best of celebrities this season: fun, colourful, unisex and very summery. Its sideburns with colored stripes on the inside are very original. Impossible to choose just one. I love Dylan and Lennon.

If you are more cosmopolitan and like to experience the city in summer and enjoy terraces, rooftops and gin and tonics at sunset, you should definitely opt for retro-style sunglasses, like the ones offered by Dolce & Gabbana. Pasta, large (very large), round or with a cat-eye frame, which add sophistication to even the most informal outfits.

If you have children, you already know that you need all-terrain glasses, for you and for them. The best option is the Polaroid Twist, which bends but does not break; a model that unites comfort with resistance. It is perfect for everyone, anywhere and at any time. With a range of bright colours, and they are very light, the Polaroid Twist collection is the perfect union between cool and practicality. In addition, Polaroid lenses offer a perfect vision, without reflections, add contrast and reduce eye fatigue and protect them 100% from UV rays.

And finally, if you are one of those who hides from the sun, and you prefer to be underwater discovering the great blue, your perfect glasses are the Mares X Vision, which offer a greater visual field, bright colors and a compact, easy-to-adjust buckle. . They do not protect from the sun, but they will be your great allies for an underwater walk!

Whatever your plan is this summer, don’t forget it… #sunglassesand you and remember: life is the color of the sunglasses you look at it with… Happy summer!