September 20, 2023


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styling for artists: How to tell everything without words

In any show, the way an artist presents themselves to the public is a very powerful communication tool that can help them stand out from the competition and leave a good impression in the minds of the audience.

It is not just a simple aesthetic layer, but something much deeper. The wardrobe, makeup and hairdressing form an essential set to convey the message, which is why it is so important to take care of this aspect.


When a person who doesn’t know anything about music hears several notes that are not tuned in harmony, they realize it, it shocks them and they don’t like it. Something is bothering him, although he may not know what it is. The same thing happens with the flavors: even if he doesn’t know anything about cooking, if two flavors are not in harmony he won’t like the dish because it will be too strange for him and he may think that the ingredients are spoiled .

The same happens with the presentation of the artists before their followers. Even if the public is not interested in fashion or knows anything about trends, they may notice that there is something that visually does not fit if the staging is not harmonious and the outfits do not match the rest of the elements of the performance, or do not correspond to the image you transmit on social networks.

The styling

Styling is capable of instantly transmitting a whole set of spontaneous information, provoking intense emotions. It is therefore essential for each artist to first know who she is, who her audience is and what she wants to communicate. Analyzing these factors well, she will be able to offer a show in harmony and with a good image.

There are many previous steps to reach a good result, from in-depth brand analysis to the realization of a moodboard and selection of clothing and accessories necessary for the performance. Finally, tests are essential to verify that everything works correctly. Nothing should be left to chance, improvisation is left to modulate the events that happen during the live performance.

The values

Before starting to work on the image, it is essential to be clear about the values ​​​​that sustain identity as a person and as an artist. Career and personal life must be taken into account, because real values ​​​​apply to both and will always go together, they cannot be left out of the picture. Everything must be in tune in a consonance that is reflected in any action that is carried out: collaborations in the media, communication with the spectators in the performances, in the RRSS, interviews, etc.

The values ​​​​must be present in everything that is done to reach a specific type of public that will share them at all times. This will make you feel identified and closer to the artist, thus forming a community that is key to success. Close treatment that generates empathy and promotes the law of reciprocity is important.

The first impression that an artist offers when appearing on stage will set the expectations of the rest of the show. And it is already known that there is no second chance for a first impression. Styling at a glance counts for a lot, no words.