September 21, 2023


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Spring shopping 2023: between second-hand and new

As the sunny days have arrived, spring shopping is in order . The fashion trends of the moment challenge us to opt for the second hand and for the new! And to buy serenely, you might as well be clever to save money.

Buying and selling used items has become incredibly popular in recent years. Clothing and accessories: second-hand fashion isn’t just good for the wallet. Opting for vintage allows you to have a variety of styles available at your fingertips. By combining for reasoned new purchases, here is the opportunity to go shopping while operating for  a more responsible way of consuming .

Spring shopping: the second hand, synonymous with first choice?

Shoes, accessories and clothing of all shapes, sizes and styles… Second-hand fashion has become an alternative to traditional shopping. Indeed, the second hand is a great way to find items like new at a more attractive price.

It is for many people an excellent option to find a fashion or even luxury piece at an affordable price. For example, dressing in a pair of Balenciaga shoes requires a substantial new budget, whereas with the occasion, it becomes affordable.
But in a society where ecology has taken an important place in the fashion industry; this is an economical and practical way to share conscious values ​​for a circular and sharing economy .

Less impactful spring shopping?

This season, it is worth reconsidering the use of paper by opting for alternative packaging that can be reused or recycled. Here are some tips for second-hand shopping sessions :

  • (Re)use what we have at home : instead of buying new packaging, let’s start by decluttering and organizing those that are already at home.
  • It’s not just paper… : fabric is a beautiful reusable raw material. Items are nicely wrapped in a piece of cloth. In addition to being beautiful, it’s practical!

For in-store or online purchases

  • Be mindful of time: tracking helps to better target future purchases (without waste); and unearth “the rare pearl”. In store, it also avoids queuing with other last-minute shoppers.
  • Make a wish list: Creating a wish list and jotting down trending ideas so you don’t forget about them until the time is right.
  • Properly target your e-shop: for a second-hand purchase, properly target the purchasing platform (as well as the seller) allows you to know the story behind the item put up for sale. For example, a great vintage denim jacket may have taken many trips with the seller. Now, it is now ready for a second life with a new owner!