September 21, 2023


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Permanent Jewelry: Welded Bracelets Are the Next Big Trend 2023

Jewelry so pretty you won’t want to take it off, or you won’t be able to take it off. Permanent jewelry makes it possible

Permanent Jewelry: Will Welded Bracelets Be the Next Big Jewelry Trend?

Do you want something that will be there forever, but tattoos are too permanent for you and piercings are not an option? Or: Want to wear a token of love for someone else, but knotted friendship bracelets aren’t your style at all? Then this new jewelry trend is perfect for you: permanent jewelry is conquering Instagram… and our hearts.

What is permanent jewelry?

But how does jewelry become permanent? Quite simply, the bracelets -mainly- have no beginning or end, so they are permanently attached to the wrist. The pioneer was undoubtedly Cartier, which with its “Love” bracelet, launched in 1969, created a piece of jewellery that is worn firmly closed around the wrist and can only be opened with the help of a screwdriver. Although Cartier’s version is a solid bracelet, the trend in 2023 is also towards chiffon bracelets that don’t even need a screwdriver, just because the jewels are well soldered.

Permanent jewelry: how it works… and how long it lasts!

Having something welded around your wrist sounds a bit scary at first glance, but rest assured: it’s quick and completely painless. “First you have to choose the chain variant,” explains jewellery designer Eliza Weiss, who has been offering permanent jewellery in her Munich studio since 2020. “Next we determine the length of the bracelet and place it around the wrist, where the two ends meet with a filigree eyelet. Finally, this eyelet is tack-welded, with nothing more than a tiny spark to be seen. Choose and determining the ideal length is the longest part, the buttonhole closes in a jiffy. In total, it takes about ten minutes to put it on.”

At Eliza Weiss, the bracelets are available in 14-carat gold or even platinum, for example, because if something has to last a long time, good quality is of course key. “It does not oxidize and it also cleans itself every time you shower. Neither salt water, nor the pool, nor sweat from sports can damage gold,” says the expert in welded bracelets.

We also love the fact that the bracelets come “off the roll” and adjust individually to each wrist, making them totally suitable for all sizes.

What to consider before putting on a permanent bracelet.

In everyday life, the bracelets do not cause any problems, as I can confirm, since I have been wearing my “Eternal Bracelet” for about ten months. When flying, I have never had problems with the extremely delicate wristband at airport security control, and there have never been any problems during sports. However, “For contact sports such as boxing, it is advisable to put on a sweatband,” says Eliza Weiss.

You only have to remove it if you have an MRI exam or an operation. Next, it’s a good idea to try to carefully cut open just the eyelet with sharp scissors, because the bracelet can be easily reattached.

In theory, “Welded Bracelets” are suitable for everyone who likes them – only two groups of people would be excluded by our expert: “Unfortunately, people who work in the medical field cannot put on the permanent bracelet because in this field work, you must be able to remove all jewelry. The manufacturer of the welding device also advises against fine welding for people with pacemakers.”