September 21, 2023


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‘Oversize’ sweater in winter: the style trick to wear it well

Guidelines to dress it without bulging inside the pants

In the winter season, sweaters are the first garment that we rescue when changing our wardrobe. In a year in which, moreover, layering is once again one of the most successful bets for dressing with style and coping with the constant changes in temperature between indoor and outdoor spaces, loose-fitting or oversized jumpers are our favourites. They allow us to wear beautiful shirts or blouses underneath and, also, although it may seem strange to you, they favor everyone. Because if you’re thinking about that bulge that sometimes forms when we put it inside our pants , don’t worry, the most photographed girls in street styleDue to their looks , they agree that, this year, baggy sweaters are worn half outside the pants and half inside. We teach you how!

With jeans and knee boots

Ways to wear baggy sweaters following the lessons of fashion consultants there are as many as we want, but one of the most sophisticated is to do it with infallible basic combos, such as jeans and knee-high boots . You will add the avant-garde air by picking up your sweater slightly inside the pants. You can do it only on one of the sides or, if you prefer, only with the central area, leaving the rest of the silhouette outside.

Matching the accessories

Make your sweater the star of the outfit by combining it with a wool hat, the bag and, if you can, also with the shoes. To join the street trend, dress it up with other slouchy pieces, like high-waisted ‘puddle’ jean shorts (those that almost drag the ground) and you’ll create a look that’s stylish, comfortable and eye-catching.

In padded looks

Down jackets are the most ideal coats when temperatures reach their minimum, but accompanied by parachute pants , a sweater and sneakers, the result of the combination is a success. This is what the season’s trends dictate , which bet on mountaineering winks -a la Gorpcore- to dress comfortably, easily and off-road for tomorrow.

with double jersey

Who knew that the preppy trend of adding sweaters over our shoulders would return in full swing of the ‘Y2K’ ? And it does, too, even when we already wear another sweater as a top garment. This main piece is worn over wide pants (they can be cargo or palazzo ), boots, a mini bag and, now, the other sweater placed over our shoulders and falling down the back. Very stylish.

an air of rock

A letter-printed sweater inside black pants, boots of the same color and a matching jacket. Few wild cards are as successful as this one when it comes to raising the label a bit, but without giving up shelter . It can be an ideal option for a meeting with friends, a meeting or, why not, also a date.

in male twists

When all the garments in an outfit breathe masculine airs, the most feminine touch consists precisely in the aforementioned trend: partially tucking the sweater into pants. If you bet on a dad jumper with a zipper on the neck even more. This way you will achieve the perfect balance that will make you look comfortable, but also at the same time with a (little) girly air.

Without giving up the trendy

Going warm and, at the same time, wearing the most current fashion trends is possible. A sum never fails: camel cloth coat to match a beret and boots, neutral wide cargo pants with a striped sweater with the side inside and a bag in striking contrast. A bet that makes you the protagonist.

Full color

One point in favor of wearing sweaters with half their structure on the inside and the other half on the outside is that they help to hide the tummy. If you wear them with high trousers and in vibrant tones, all the attention will be focused on the color and not so much, instead, on the shape. You can choose an argyle print design and dress it up with some statement pants and you will have the perfect balance.