September 21, 2023


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Marilyn Monroe, much more than a sex symbol

Hollywood star of the 50s, Marilyn Monroe imposed her once sulfurous style of dress and changed our conception of fashion and femininity. From her ivory dress to her cult knit sweater, we take stock of her iconic style.

If we had to remember only one Hollywood icon, it would certainly be Marilyn Monroe.

Actress of the 50s, she is best known for her pin-up style thanks to her luscious measurements: wide hips, thin waist and generous chest.

This seductive silhouette and her natural grace earned her a reputation as a sex symbol as well as the first cover of Playboy magazine in 1953.

Queen of glamour, she turned the heads of men around the world in Some Like It Hot (1959) or Men Prefer Blondes (1954) , especially that of President Kennedy with whom she would have a secret affair.

Marilyn Monroe: Unparalleled style

But Marilyn Monroe is above all about extraordinary dresses: sheath, long, tight-fitting, corolla, strapless… An impressive collection and shapes that are always highlighted, we understand perfectly why we called her the ” Mmmmmm girl” !

To an iconic woman, an iconic product: she would contribute to forging the legend of Chanel’s N°5 perfume , especially when she spoke during an interview with Georges Belmont , the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire France, regarding the question ” What do you wear to sleep?”, she replies “ Chanel N°5! ”.

Provocative but also sensitive, the image that Marilyn Monroe left in pop culture has changed today. We discover her in her ambivalence as strong as it is fragile, as assumed as it is modest.

Finally, what we love about Marilyn Monroe is that she represents women in their diversity, their desire and ability to be whoever they want while trying to escape the gaze of others.

We remember the “Subway dress” , the white dress that she holds above a metro grid in Seven years of reflection . An emblematic photo of the star, wearing this ivory draped dress with a wide V-neck will remain one of the most famous of the 7th art.

We also remember her pink sheath in which she waddles to the sound of the very famous song Diamonds are a girl’s best friend in the film Men prefer blondes. She caused a sensation by wearing it with long pink gloves and adorned with sumptuous jewelry to illustrate the words of the music as it should be!

Marilyn Monroe used to disguise her alluring outfits under a big white fur stole, which she liked to play with and bring out her bare shoulders. It very often happened to her to hide under a fur coat (to better reveal herself) like when she sings “Happy birthday Mister President ” to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. An extremely glamorous accessory that sticks to the skin of the character!

This is THE secret to a real pin-up silhouette. There are many shots that present her wearing high-rise pants, or a strapless one-piece swimsuit. But we remember this outfit in particular in the unfinished film Something must crack, in which it appears very sulphurous, even erotic.

If they are no longer counted in Some like it hot , we remember one in particular in Men prefer blondes . It’s about the dizzying neckline of the long lamé and gold dress, without a zipper or buttons. It is said that the scene in which she appears would have been cut short, as the outfit was so suggestive.

You know that sweater she wore in the movie The Millionaire alongside Yves Montand? It’s a chunky gray knit sweater that no one has been able to forget, worn over simple black tights, and accompanying the notes of the famous song My heart belongs to daddy.

In 1999, the French brand Gerard Darel bought the “Marilyn sweater” and decided to reissue it in its collection for fall-winter 2010-2011.