September 26, 2023


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Kate Middleton rejuvenates her purple suit in seconds

He only needed a knitted sweater to give the outfit a more casual look

If something characterizes Kate Middleton when it comes to creating her outfits, it is that she always knows what to wear so that the result is impeccable. The Princess of Wales’s agenda is full of commitments and if yesterday she visited the Foxcubs Nursery in the town of Luton, north London, wearing an orange sustainable knit outfit and the most versatile camel coat in her wardrobe, today we have been able to see her seen at a reception with the World Cup winning wheelchair rugby team. An act for which she has chosen a jacket suit that could well be the perfect work uniform for any woman.

Solid-colored garments, without prints, are usually a constant in Katte Middleton’s wardrobe, so we are not surprised that for an event of this type, she has opted for a blackberry-colored suit jacket . A design made up of a flowing blazer and pants with a straight silhouette that, instead of combining with a blouse or a shirt, she has worn over an ecru-colored round-neck sweater. The Princess of Wales has resorted to the trick that many celebrities use to stylize her silhouette by choosing matching high-heeled shoes . A way to visually make the legs appear longer.

How to rejuvenate a look in seconds

During the trip that the princes of Wales made to Boston last December, we could see Kate Middleton in a blackberry-colored suit with a pussy bow blouse . It was a tailored flared trouser ensemble that she wore with a satin tie-neck blouse from Winser London. A two-piece very similar to the one he has used today. Although she also wore high-heeled shoes on that occasion, the most important change was found in the garment that she wore under the blazer . If she opted for a blouse in December, this time she has opted for a more informal and youthful option , which she has already resorted to on other occasions.

And it is not the first time that we have seen the Princess of Wales combine a more or less classic-looking jacket suit with a sweater. Also during her trip to Boston, upon landing, we saw her with a very stylish design by Alexander McQueen that she wore with a turtleneck sweater and navy suede pumps , model Gianvito 105 by Gianvito Rossi.

Kate Middleton’s passion for knitting

In the coldest months of the year, knitwear becomes the most sought after fabric. And not only because it protects from low temperatures, but because well combined it can result in the most stylish winter looks . We can affirm without fear of being wrong that Kate Middleton likes the point. In this case, she has chosen it to wear with a jacket suit, but just a few weeks ago we saw her in a navy blue ribbed knit dress with a perkins neck and puffed sleeves that she also has in black.