September 27, 2023


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Jennifer Lopez is the most romantic in transparent heels

The interpreter of On the Floor left her urban garments to show off those delicate ones, where flowers and transparent high-heeled shoes are ideal.

Nothing like starting the week in the style of Jennifer Lopez. Undoubtedly, the artist of Latin origin has in her hands the power to create and transform trends in a matter of seconds. If we review how she does it, we can start from her closet, where she divides extremely elegant pieces and other casual ones that she boldly transforms.

The legacy from the block is still intact, and although we love when it dives into very Y2K combinations with worker boots, we also enjoy that romantic and sophisticated side to which it does justice. Her 2022 ended with a series of memorable dresses that are listed among the favorites of fashion history, and without taking a false step, the star of Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez, began 2023 as a true muse of modern aesthetics.

With the following look, JLo creates the need for a draped skirt and a delicate blouse , as they will be necessary to fill with personality from the office to the asphalt. Transparent high-heeled shoes and a floral shower finished sealing his proposal.

How to wear transparent heels like Jennifer Lopez?

The American singer’s stylist , Rob Zangardi , published a series of photographs on his Instagram account that made it clear that future trends will be guided by romanticism and bohemian aesthetics. A path lined with trees and the green background color served as a canvas to capture the most chic styling seen to date.

Let’s start by describing it. Jennifer Lopez donned an outfit from Carolina Herrera’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection. It is a draped pencil skirt with a floral print and a contrasting blouse with fine ruffles, puffed sleeves and a rose appliqué on the neck. This is just a small sample of how flower prints can combine fashion and distinction in the same setting.

Now, if we look at the proposal of the luxury house, we see that the styling was accompanied by sandals with fine straps, while the businesswoman opted for one of the trending high-heeled shoes , those transparent ones . The perfect complement for women 50+, as they attract comfort and a demure touch.

To finish, she chose a high ponytail as her hairstyle, thus giving prominence to the printed blouse. Her makeup went natural and her accessories went unnoticed. In short, there is no style that resists JLo (Jennifer Lopez).

Where have we seen the trend of transparent heels?

Nothing like the street style of celebrities to approve a trend. Jennifer Lopez , on more than one occasion, has dazzled us with transparent high-heeled sandals , like Eva Longoria, who chooses them as a complement to her formal outfits. Kim Kardashian with a more irreverent gesture makes this shoe her stylistic confidant. On her side, Selena Gomez immerses herself in a world of possibilities by wearing transparent platform shoes.