September 21, 2023


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Jeans, hoodies and plaid shirts: this is how it feels to celebrate Christmas your way

If you’re not a fan of heels, dresses and sequins, this Holidays collection is everything you need to give your holiday celebrations your

Christmas doesn’t have to always be cold, snow and sequins. This time American Eagle wants you to close the year in a super authentic way, that’s why it brings its new Holiday collection to you.

We know you’re getting ready to celebrate the holidays to the fullest. Whether at home, on a trip, with your family, with your friends or alone, it doesn’t matter, this time is about making you feel full and happy.

And although we love this season with all our being, it is not a lie that it is a time full of protocols and rules that, perhaps, not many of us love. For example, where and with whom to spend Christmas or New Years, or the outfits that you should wear on each occasion.

Thinking about this is that American Eagle decided to launch a new collection that conveys fun and freedom, two of its main pillars, since it wants you to live these holidays as you want.

Celebrate your way with America Eagle

Each one of us is unique, we have different personalities and styles. Why would we have to dress the same as the others? Christmas is a perfect time to wear the most elegant and sophisticated outfits, full of sequins, velvet and glam, but it is also worth not wearing them. Not all of us wear red, nor do we coordinate sweaters. It’s just okay not to eat, drink and celebrate like everyone else.

It’s time to live Christmas your way. Because wearing jeans, sweatshirts and tennis is also festive. And if you want to go to your Christmas dinner like this, it’s perfect because you have decided so.

AE’s Holiday 2022 brings the brand’s ambassadors (Jimena Jiménez, Herly, Humbe and Fede Vigevani) to live and spread the CELEBRATE YOUR WAY essence! because each one of them expresses themselves through their outfits , enjoy their freedom and share smiles with their friends and followers.

This time, the Holiday campaign takes us to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, on the beautiful Pacific coast, to show us how fun it is to celebrate Christmas with your friends in a totally different way, sun, sand and sea! Have you already thought about it?

Each one of them wears pieces that reflect their personality and style, of course, always accompanied by their favorite jeans. This year, the collection presents incredible designs, from their classic hoodies , to the plaid shirts that are super trendy. Believe us, these pieces will be key so you don’t have to worry about giving the best gift, or wearing the best outfit.

For them, the brand presents sweaters with different colors and patterns; it also has the classic Christmas hoodies, long socks, hats, slippers and plaid shirts to combine with jeans and have the coolest style.

For them there are the famous flannel shirts with hoodie finishes, jackets, sweaters with festive patterns and colors such as red, green, orange and navy blue, as well as boxers of the season with the best prints.

American Eagle is the perfect gifting for everyone, family, friends or as a self gift, so take advantage of this incredible collection to share with your loved ones the perfect Holiday gift.

Just like the American Eagle ambassadors, no matter where and who you are with, you can always create unforgettable moments with your favorite people. So this year we invite you to be yourself and party your way.

Dare to give these parties another perspective through your style. What matters most is that you feel happy and live those special moments in such a way that they remain unforgettable in your mind and heart.