September 27, 2023


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Jeans for partying that look just as good (or even better) than a bodycon dress

Are you still not joining the denim trend to go out to the party? These trending cuts and silhouettes will probably convince you to do it right away!

Just like a good dress, wearing jeans to go out to a party is now also an infallible and incredible bet. It was a long time ago, in the early 2000s, that we once saw them starring not only in the best festive looks, but also in the most daring and purposeful outfits on the red carpet. For example, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton, in their teenage versions, agree with us! For this reason, now that the retro jean trends set the tone for us to return to the Y2K core, denim suddenly becomes the best idea to innovate with each party look.

But there are cuts to cuts, because the silhouette of each pants seems to be the top secret to make it fit where, it seems, they have no place. Some are classics, others much more trendy. Here are the best jeans for partying!

Slim fit: the sexiest denim pants

Become a classic and being the most flattering, slim fit jeans are the great trend for fall 2022 and they have the key to shine resoundingly in the middle of the dance floor. Its cut, very similar to skinny jeans—although slightly less tight in the thigh area—is one of the main reasons why this is the infallible ally to wear it to parties and show off a very sexy look.

Tapered: the trending party jeans in 2022

Praised by those who love comfort and applauded by those who know more about style , tapered jeans are one of the best jeans to go out to party in if you are looking to match one of the season’s biggest trends . Although these shine for comfort, they are also the perfect piece to wear with crop tops, corsets and fitted pieces, only achieving a super trendy look, while also maintaining a perfect balance.

Asymmetrical, the most original!

Among the most original jeans, those with an asymmetrical cut stand out for their distinctive crossing that stands out just when they are fastened, in the button and zipper area. A detail so subtle that although it seems almost imperceptible, it does manage to give a twist to the classic jean cuts.

All you have to do is combine them with a crop top or tight-fitting blouse without a belt, so that this differentiating detail is totally exposed, which, lately, is gaining prominence among the coolest and most trendy jeans, skirts and pants.

Looks bright with colors

Yes, the colors of the season are incredible allies to encourage you to return to jeans to go out according to your body type and personality. Because if radiant tones have something, it is an immeasurable power to turn any garment into a statement element and transform even the simplest combinations into an authentic OFNI worthy of those who know the most about fashion.

And if you plan to go a step further, then the colored prints will also become your best allies to show off the colored denim.

Bold cut-out denim

With the return of cut out garments , slightly flared and slit jeans are one of the coolest pieces you can wear to go out to a party. These are great to show off, maintaining a casual look and without sacrificing style, since its silhouette is not only very distinctive, but also very flattering.

And it is that most of this type of pants tend to fit right in the area of ​​the legs and buttocks, becoming somewhat wider in the area of ​​the legs, highlighting the silhouette and elongating the figure.