September 26, 2023


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If you know how to search, you will find your perfect jean: Guide to choosing the ideal jeans for every occasion

I am sure that more than once you have asked yourself how to choose between all the models and styles of jeans that there are; so today, I bring you my “tricks” to be able to buy jeans and not die trying.

First of all, you have to choose the “color” well, even though in the world of jeans they are called washed, because the less washing and fewer chemicals a jean has, the darker it is.

So we could classify them into three large groups:

Soft jeans: This is the darkest, most “pure” indigo. They are usually jeans without wear, or mustaches, or tears. They are very suitable for wearing something more formal, but you should keep in mind that this type of dark pants, since they are less washed, will fade much more when washing them. Coming to appear some white lines similar to “watermarks” all over the pants.

And not to mention wearing light clothes with him! If you don’t want friction to turn your white bag into a blue sea.

  • Medium Texan: perhaps this is the most common, and usually wears wear and mustaches. Its color is a more washed indigo, therefore, we will suffer fewer transfers on light garments, but even so, we must be very careful what we approach and what we wear them with.
  • Light jeans: This type of jean is the most washed out of all, almost like a sky blue. It is the one that will leave the least transfer on our clothes.

From my point of view, choosing one of the previous washes depends on the taste of each person and also on the body. Since, in my case, with an hourglass figure, the lighter jeans accentuate my hips, and make me much more shape than a darker jean.

The composition is also a very important issue to take into account when it comes to a jean . The vast majority are made of cotton and elastane, since in order to “enter” the skinny , the fabric must yield and adapt to each body.

From my point of view, the perfect composition for a jean is:

  • 99 – 98% cotton and between 1 – 2% elastane, to avoid poor fabric recovery.
  • 100% cotton: this composition is ideal for mitigating the impact of fashion on the environment, since this sector is the second most polluting in the world, but we’ll talk about that another time.
  • We should avoid buying pants with polyester, since in certain percentages and types of skin it can cause itching.

Another aspect to take into account would be the country of manufacture, since this can denote a better quality of the fabric.

Turkey, Morocco and Egypt are the best quality, since it should be noted that Egyptian cotton is considered the best in the world.

It is important to be aware of what product we are buying and what qualities it has, since only then can we make better purchase decisions when we go to clothing stores.

If you follow this little guide you will find your perfect jeans for every occasion.