September 20, 2023


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Gothic brides: the 2023 trend that continues thanks to Emily Ratajkowski and Jenna Ortega

EmRata became a Gothic goddess for Versace and we are loving it. This is the bridal look that will star in the altar in 2023!

Gothic bridal fashion is a unique take on traditional bridal wear, incorporating dark and edgy elements into the traditional white gown. Celebrities Emily Ratajkowski and Jenna Ortega have both embraced this style for their own weddings, showing just how versatile and beautiful Gothic bridal fashion can be.

Emily Ratajkowski confirms it, the Gothic bridal trend is taking over in 2023!

If after seeing Merlina and the dark style of its protagonist, Jenna Ortega, it had not been clear that the new bridal trend would be Gothcore, EmRata and Versace are here to confirm it.

And it is that, since Kourtney Kardashian wore a mini bustier dress from the spring-summer 1998 collection of Dolce & Gabbana at her Italian wedding with Travis Barker, we knew that the brides to be had to take into consideration yes or yes, the color black.

Emily Ratajkowski and Jenna Ortega confirm the trend of Gothic brides for 2023

EmRata, who was recently named as the new face of Viktor & Rolf fragrances, also announced that she is the new protagonist of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Through a post on Instagram, the 31-year-old model wore one of the most iconic pieces from the maison’s SS23 collection: the dark diva purple dress with veil, which she accessorized with purple lace gloves without fingers, open purple heels and a bag of the same tone signed by the Italian house.

The finishing touch? A spectacular shiny tiara with which she was crowned as the Gothic bride of the Internet.

How to wear the 2023 trend of gothic brides?

Since last year, Pinterest reported that Gothic weddings had increased their search on the platform, but the boom came with the launch of Merlina on Netflix and her dark diva style that ended up defining the brides to be for 2023.

Let’s remember that Jenna Ortega was the first to wear a design from Versace’s spring/summer collection, with which she attended the premiere of the Merlina spin-off last November.

For this occasion, the 20-year-old actress wore a slip dress with a pronounced side opening on the leg, ruffle details, and a lace-decorated bra-type top.

To complement her look with which she paid homage to her character in the Tim Burton series, Jenna opted for XL platforms.

The Allure of Gothic Bridal Fashion:

Gothic bridal fashion appeals to brides who want to break away from traditional white gowns and embrace a darker, edgier style. The incorporation of dark elements, such as black lace and sheer fabrics, creates a moody and romantic feel. Gothic bridal fashion also allows brides to express their individuality and personal style on their special day.

How to Incorporate Gothic Elements into Your Bridal Look:

If you’re interested in incorporating Gothic elements into your bridal look, there are several ways to do so.

Wear a black wedding gown: A black wedding gown is the ultimate statement in Gothic bridal fashion. Choose a gown with intricate lace detailing or a dramatic train to add a touch of elegance.

Accessorize with dark jewelry: Add some dark jewelry, such as black diamonds or onyx, to complete your Gothic bridal look.

Opt for dark makeup: Choose dark, smoky eye makeup and bold lipstick to enhance the moody feel of your Gothic bridal look.

Incorporate black into your bridesmaids’ attire: Have your bridesmaids wear black dresses or accessories to further embrace the Gothic theme.

Emily Ratajkowski and Jenna Ortega’s Gothic bridal looks prove that brides can break away from traditional white gowns and embrace a unique and stunning bridal style. Whether you choose a black wedding gown or simply incorporate dark elements into your look, Gothic bridal fashion is a beautiful way to express your individuality on your special day. So why not embrace the allure of Gothic bridal fashion and make your wedding day truly unforgettable?