September 27, 2023


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Goodbye white sneakers! This will be trending tennis for 2020

The discretion is over. If you thought that the great return of minimalist sneakers would return the following year, we have news for you: scandalous sneakers will be the hottest thing of 2020.

2020 starts and we have 365 days to join the coolest trends in fashion. The first thing we should renew? Our sneakers! Because although we love stilettos, tennis will be a must have of the year. And although we want to have them neat and intact so that they combine with everything , this year we will say: goodbye white sneakers! (at least for a while) and that’s how tennis will be in trend for 2020 . Take note and start looking for your favorites…

Jewel Tennis

The elegance of the feminine stilettos will be transported to sports shoes and now the jewels, the shiny details and the fun of the glitter will arrive at the sneakers of 2020 . The best? It will be the best excuse to rest our feet from the stiletto heels and show off exquisite sneaker designs.

platform statement

More height, more design! The nineties platforms return , but with an interesting twist : the soles of our tennis shoes will come in bright colors and with athleisure designs (very sporty) that will make the perfect match for us to have a very cool outfit. Contrasting textures and color blocks will give 2020 sneakers that futuristic touch that we didn’t know we needed to have unique and original outfits.

multicolored tennis

Speaking of colors… The rainbow will be the limit this year. Why have a pair of white tennis shoes , if we can have more than one color in our sneakers . Pastel colors with bright touches, neon tones, multicolored sneakers… It’s up to you! This 2020 will come loaded with originality.

Tennis That-Aren’t-Tennis

Say goodbye to traditional designs in your footwear selection. The classic shoelaces are in the past , now, velcro, ribbon or leather laces and plastic cut-outs in sneakers will be the obsession of all this new year. What we will see the most in tennis trends will be those that tell their own story, so get ready to have original sneakers throughout 2020!

Holographic sneakers

Although we had already seen it coming from the catwalks last year , now the holographic texture will impact our tennis selection. Whether it’s a total sneaker or with small details, this multicolored mirror style will be the best choice in tennis for the whole year, it will go with your entire closet. TIP G : Also, it is worth adopting metallic sneakers, they will sweep 2020!