September 20, 2023


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Get to know the best fabrics and materials in sustainable fashion

They are free of toxic and friendly to the environment.

If you are looking for alternatives to help the ecosystem and join sustainable fashion from your trenches or in this case, from your closet , you should know more about ecological clothing and sustainable materials .Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world? In addition, its environmental impact is not limited to production, but extends to the way we wash clothes at home and how we dispose of them, as reported by UNAM Global. Therefore, it is important that you adopt sustainable fashion trends in 2023 , yes or yes.

How much does the fashion industry pollute per year?

According to a report from the UN Conference on Trade and Development, every year half a million tons of microfiber are thrown into the sea, which is equivalent to three million barrels of oil, and the clothing industry uses 93 million meters cubics of water , a volume sufficient to meet the needs of five million people.

Hence the importance of having consumer habits that are much more friendly to the environment , and of incorporating ecological garments made with sustainable materials .

It is not about saying goodbye to your favorite brands forever, however, it will always be a good idea to create sustainable habits and in 2023 make a balance between the clothes that live in your closet so that a good percentage of these belong to sustainable fashion or, second-hand or customized pieces. There are many alternatives to be a more ecofriendly fashionista .

What is ecological fashion?

Ecological or sustainable fashion ranges from the fabric with which the clothing is made to the factories where it is made. It includes how the garment is dyed and how wastewater is handled.

And it focuses on aspects such as working conditions in factories, fair wages, the quality of clothing ; if it is made with recyclable materials and how transparent is the brand you buy your clothes from. These are some of the aspects that intervene in what ecological fashion means .

What are the most sustainable materials in clothing?

According to Sofia Shannon, Creative Director of AMUR (A Mindful Use of Resources) for Teen Vogue, organic cotton is a great eco-friendly option. “However, cotton requires a lot of water , so you can choose alternatives like hemp or flax, which are fibers that require considerably less water to grow,” she says.

In general, natural fibers like silk, linen, wool, and organic cotton are better choices than synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, which are made using fossil fuels in a process that emits large amounts of carbon dioxide. and they are not biodegradable .

One tip that the expert gives us is that, if you are going to buy garments with synthetic fabrics , opt for those made with recycled fibers instead of new materials.

There are some fabrics, like bamboo and tencel, that are man-made but derived from natural materials . While these can be considered eco -friendly (certainly more so than options like polyester and nylon) they may not be as good as their reputation suggests.

Care needs to be taken with laundering when talking about ‘green fibers’, as bamboo fabric may be thought of as eco-friendly, but the harsh chemicals needed to turn the fiber into soft fabric are very harmful to the environment. .

Hence the importance of being well informed on the subject of ecological fashion and sustainable materials , because, as you will see, there is much more to what we know about these eco-friendly fashion trends .