September 27, 2023


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Fashion Trends | Classics that are back in fashion

Just like old music, movies, and books coming back in style in the 21st century, we’ve seen many fashion trends from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s come back as fashion hits in the 21st century. XXI. Fashion is cyclical. As tastes change, generations are inspired by previous decades. It’s no wonder that some of our current trends are a mix of the fashion trends of the past decade. The best part of this theme is that you don’t have to buy these new items, you can rent them, search your mother’s closet or find them in thrift stores. Below, we explore 10 classic fashion trends that have made a comeback.

1. Mom Jeans

Known for their tapered, loose, high waist and ankle-length scoop, mom jeans were incredibly popular in the ’90s and have made a strong comeback in the 21st century with many new ways to style them. Say goodbye to skinny jeans because mom jeans are the new thing. These jeans are usually pretty easy to find in thrift stores, which is a great way to cut down on waste, and you can pair them with boots and belts for a laid-back model look.

2. Corduroy

Corduroy was incredibly popular in the 1970s and was mainly used for children’s clothing. Coming back to fashion in this day and age, we see corduroy everywhere. From jackets, pants, bags, shirts and skirts, corduroy is the new hot material.

3. Thick sneakers

Chunky sneakers were a trend that no one thought would come back in style. But just like the ’80s, they’ve come back with a vengeance, with many designer labels like Gucci and Balenciaga bringing them to life “in a big way.”

4. Scrunchies

Hair accessories have held an important place in the history of fashion for all time. But, in the 21st century, scrunchies have returned to the fashion game. Not only is it all the rage among your peers, but many celebrities are also rocking this trend. Scrunchies are fairly easy to make using scraps of fabric for a more sustainable and inexpensive approach.

5. Silk scarves

Silk scarves were a huge hit in the 1950s and are again today. Only now we don’t wear them like we did in the ’50s. We’ve gotten more creative, turning our silk scarves into tops, hair accessories, and sometimes even matching tops and skirts. See if you can reuse old or your parents’ scarves before throwing them away!

6. Cycling shorts

Having had their moment in the 80’s and then again in the 90’s, bike shorts are now back as a new fashion trend. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Bella Hadid have proven it: they pair these shorts with oversized sweaters, XXL T-shirts, and often with a pair of chunky sneakers. Think about how you can give your life to this age-old trend!

7. Flared pants

We all know the basic flared pants from the 70s. Before we knew it, they had made their way back into today’s world. We are looking at this silhouette because of the retro style that is back in style. We are not only seeing more and more people wearing this look at festivals, but also in their everyday lives.

8. Ripped denim

Ripped jeans apparently seem to come back every 5-10 years. In the ’80s, ripped denim was a staple in many of our closets. And it’s no surprise that ripped denim is becoming popular again. Seen mostly on pants and jackets, this trend is slowly becoming a wardrobe staple.

9. Fanny packs

Fanny packs are a hands-free accessory that used to be incredibly popular in the ’80s and even in the ’90s. Although they went out of style in the 2000s, we’re seeing fanny packs becoming more and more popular again. Not only are they convenient and easy to transport, but they are also becoming a staple in the fashion industry. You can find designers in thrift stores or rent them online from places like The Volte to stand out at a specific event, like the famous Gucci fanny pack. Instead of buying a fashion item that you’ll wear once or twice, consider renting it out.

10. Balloon sleeves

Balloon sleeves are back as the most explosive fashion trend. Reflecting the balloon sleeves trend of the late 1800s, the modern 21st century puff sleeves are much more elegant and modern. It is often paired with high-waisted skirts and flared pants. Look for sustainable brands that offer these shirts made from high-quality fabrics, as this staple style will last you long into the future.

Trends tend to go in and out of popularity every few seasons. For many of us, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with trends without breaking the bank. Remember that the alternative is simple: shop online rental clothing stores, sustainable brands or look in a relative’s closet to reuse what already exists. So you will achieve your fashion dreams without suffering from empty pocket syndrome.