September 21, 2023


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Protecting ourselves from the sun is one of the challenges of each summer, a rule that you should not skip if you want to keep your skin and hair healthy. And although sometimes it can be lazy, trendy accessories can make the task much easier and more stylish! Natural straw hats, y2k -style head scarves , futuristic sunglasses like Balenciaga’s and total looks made up of swimsuits and pareos with the same print ready to go to the beach. But above all, sunscreen wherever you go!

Hats to protect our hair

Present in every summer, the straw hat is an essential at the seaside or in the pool. The coolest and lightest way to protect the scalp from the sun’s rays. Whether going to a special dinner or going to the beach, bet on the versatility of the wide-brimmed hat, the favorite of all our fashionable girls.

The eco option

Lack of Color , an Australian natural hat brand founded in 2011, presents a stylish summer collection full of a wide variety of models suitable for all tastes and colors. The Retro Marigold hat has become the favorite of all its followers with a price of €135 available on the Farfetch platform.

A futuristic look

Sunglasses accompany us throughout the year, but summer is when we see them the most. Round, square, cat eye style… The ranking of trends is incredibly diverse, but futuristic glasses take the top spot. And it is none other than Balenciaga, the brand responsible for this new trend, that has conquered all the famous from Kim Kardashian or Chiara Ferragni, to the singer Rosalia.


The Bottega Veneta brand presents its model of futuristic glasses with a cat eye finish in black (in addition to pink and green) and with gray lenses. Under the name Grip, it is available for €585 on the Fartfech platform.

Coordinated looks for the beach

From the sets with the same pattern for your day to day, comes the version for going to the beach or the pool. Bikinis and swimsuits with pareos or skirts to match with seventies prints and full of colour. The firm Agostostudio , created by the influencers Ariadna Tapia and Carla Di Pinto and based in Barcelona, ​​has been responsible for creating this need for us with swimsuits combined with pareos and made with 100% recycled materials.