September 27, 2023


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Emily’s metallic high boots in Paris that you will not stop seeing in 2023

Without a doubt, the trends in high boots tend to be bright and colorful as a risky bet. These, in particular, are going to be one of the most advanced next year.

High boots are always a must when we set foot in the fall . Whenever we enter the colder seasons, it is one of our fundamental basics that are in our capsule wardrobe.

But it is true that there are different versions of them, and it is not always necessary to go for the ones that we are going to wear yes or yes, the day-to-day ones, but we can leave a place to buy the most special ones.

A very clear example of this are the high-heeled boots with a wide metallic shaft that we are going to start seeing right away in all the colors you can imagine. For inspiration, we look at ‘ Emily in Paris ‘.

Pure trend: metallic high boots

There are many metallic models and also ‘cowboy’ style boots in the IT Shoes brand . So it is an incredible wonder that we can make this purchase with a view to all that we have left to live in the winter of 2023. An incredible firm that has a lot of options, you can take a look at their website because they have beautiful things.

From the somewhat more affordable prices, to the highest. We bet that you buy metallic high boots and even dazzle, if you can, for New Year’s Eve, which is the most special night of the year because it is the last.

According to the official synopsis, “A year after moving from Chicago to Paris in pursuit of her dream job, Emily finds herself at a vital crossroads. Two very different paths lie before her, and she will have to decide exactly where to place her allegiance both professionally as well as sentimentally and what those decisions will mean for her future in France. All this while continuing to experience the surprising adventures and vicissitudes that Parisian life has to offer.” I want to see the season.