September 20, 2023


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Embracing the Cottagecore Aesthetic

The term “cottagecore” has steadily gained popularity in recent years, referring to more than just an aesthetic or fashion statement; it embodies a lifestyle deeply rooted in rural living. Cottagecore is an evolving trend that seeks to revive the charm of countryside customs, attire, and lifestyle, all while incorporating modern and contemporary elements. This captivating trend has made its way into runway shows, fashion magazines, interior design, and various online platforms. Read on to learn more!

Understanding the Cottagecore Aesthetic The word “cottagecore” is a fusion of two English terms: “cottage” (meaning cabin) and “core” (indicating center or essence). The concept has garnered international attention, representing an aesthetic and lifestyle that celebrates rural living, harmony with nature, sustainability, and simplicity.

While cottagecore draws inspiration from a bygone era, it is a decidedly modern trend that idealizes a simple, self-sufficient, and idyllic rural existence. Many enthusiasts choose to adopt the cottagecore style in urban settings, embracing fashion, accessories, and locations that exude the authentic aesthetic. This movement is closely aligned with the slow fashion philosophy, advocating for sustainable practices and a departure from rampant consumerism.

Incorporating Cottagecore into Your Wardrobe To integrate the cottagecore aesthetic into your daily life, start by exploring the fashion and attire associated with the movement. Pay close attention to the materials and colors, as they should be reminiscent of rural or country living. Linen, for example, is an ideal fabric choice due to its comfort and breathability during summer months.

Classic patterns such as gingham and plaids are quintessential to the cottagecore style, evoking images of sunlit picnics in the woods or open fields. These patterns are commonly found in skirts, dresses, and pants featuring a timeless design.

Flowing and lightweight blouses, skirts, and dresses adorned with floral prints and soft colors are also perfect for achieving the desired cottagecore look. Complete the ensemble with straw hats, bags, or floral hair accessories. Dresses should be roomy yet cinched at the waist, featuring ruffles on the chest for added bohemian and romantic flair. Cardigans are a versatile addition to any outfit, providing warmth during cooler times.

The goal is to emulate rural life by incorporating contemporary fashion accessories and garments that harken back to a simpler time while embracing modernity. Drawing inspiration from nature, the countryside, and rural life, the cottagecore aesthetic is a universally appealing option.

Styling the Cottagecore Aesthetic Since cottagecore fashion centers on clothing appropriate for country life, opt for romantic, simple, and comfortable pieces that reflect natural and cozy elements.

Soft, nature-inspired colors are the cornerstone of the cottagecore palette, featuring pastel shades such as pink, lilac, and light blue, as well as neutral hues like beige, camel, white, and olive green. Garments should showcase feminine silhouettes, incorporating full skirts, ruffles, bows, voluminous sleeves, high necklines, and midi dresses. Classic patterns such as gingham and floral motifs, particularly daisies, are essential to perfecting the cottagecore look.

Beyond the basic garments, accessories play a crucial role in defining the cottagecore aesthetic. Headscarves, straw hats, flower crowns, wicker baskets, and scrunchies are indispensable additions to fully embrace the style.