September 19, 2023


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Do you need a new bra? These signs could indicate yes

Spoiler alert: if your bra grows ‘hairs’, it’s time to change it.

You probably need a new bra right now and you didn’t realize it.

If you haven’t bothered to get a professional bra fitting in several years, or are too shy to ask for help, don’t worry, we get it. It’s been a rough year and the cold isn’t the best for traveling, so naturally for most of us bra fittings and bra shopping haven’t exactly been first on our to-do list. Do. Also, buying a bra online can be a bit tricky when you have no idea what size is right for your body.

Luckily, we’ve turned to the lingerie experts at Lounge Underwear to share 5 very simple signs that you need a new bra.

It pops out

If your bra’s underwire is exposed and digging into your breasts or underarms, this is the most obvious sign that you need new underwear. Underwire bras are designed to hug your curves comfortably, so the moment an underwire bulges out, it will cause immense discomfort.

The bra has changed color

The bra will stain due to flow and other normal body fluids, which is unavoidable and completely natural, but you should pay attention to color degradation. Everything from natural wear and tear to washing can discolor outfits, but once the material has completely changed its shade, we recommend treating yourself to a new piece of clothing.

Your outfits are too baggy or too tight

Your bra and panties should never be too loose or too tight, but wear can cause this to happen and is a sign that they need to be changed. If you notice that your underwear sets are no longer so comfortable and they squeeze you during and after use (or open up) it’s time to change them.

They have grown ‘hairs’

It’s time to renew your bra if you notice ‘hairs’ coming out. These mean that the elastic has broken, which is what holds the garment together and preserves its quality. As soon as you see hair, start looking for a new bra.

The straps do not fit correctly

Bra straps are designed to accommodate changes, so if you can’t get them to fit right by adjusting them, it’s time to buy new ones (and probably re-measure your breasts, too). Breasts grow and change naturally, so we recommend a new bra try-in every 6 months to make sure everything is holding up correctly.

Remember that a good bra should fit you, support you and make you feel comfortable and very sure of yourself.