September 27, 2023


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Tips for caring for clothes: To make it look like the first day

According to a recent study, we get rid of our clothes 90% before what is really necessary.

For those of us who are really fashion lovers, our favorite corner cannot be other than our closet. We pamper it as if it were a true treasure. We choose our garments very exhaustively, because they show our personality and are undoubtedly our hallmark. Therefore, the care we dedicate to them is appropriate. There are many mistakes that we make every day, without even realizing it, and that endangers the care of our favorite clothes. Learn how we can extend the life of our favorite clothes.

Detergent: without passing

Be careful with the detergent. Not for a lot of detergent, the clothes will be cleaner. Remember that less is always more. Because the abuse of the detergent not only makes it not clean properly, but also tends to cake. In addition, if we use softener, it can even lose all the properties of the fabrics.

Washing machine: in its golden mean

You do not have to fill the load of the washing machine much, nor on the contrary put it half empty. At the midpoint, it is a virtue. It is also necessary to avoid putting the washing machine with clothes on only once. If we fill it excessively, the detergent does not reach all the clothes well, and it is most likely that they do not wash well or do not wash at all.

Fabrics: getting the program right

You have to select the appropriate program for each type of garment, it is not the same to wash cotton garments than synthetic garments. Each fabric has its own program. The same happens with the temperature, for whiter clothes it does admit a higher temperature. But the darker the color of the garment, the lower its temperature should be.

We must never forget that there are fabrics such as wool or silk that deserve more special treatment. For this reason, we must use cold water, a detergent for delicate garments as well as the special program. This way we will avoid scares when washing our most delicate clothes and they will come out of the washing machine as they came in.

Tender: a whole art

We must certainly learn to tend. A tip: always look for the folds of the garments to put the clamp, and thus not leave a mark. Hanging shirts and dresses on hangers avoids many wrinkles and also does not deform the garment.

Fold or hang: that’s the question!

Do we really know which clothes we should hang in the closet and which ones to fold? It is one of the most common errors, the point should never be hung, it makes the shoulders give themselves. And for coats you always have to look for the widest hanger!