September 21, 2023


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8 tips before wearing leather pants.

We know that wearing leather pants is not easy. Its cowboy style limits many women who do not always wear such risky, daring or little combinable clothing, so you must be sure when using it.

The main objective of this type of garment is that the shape of your legs will look spectacular and you must be prepared for it. Too thin legs will look even more with this type of pants, the same as excessively thick ones. The shapes are not as important as the security with which you carry them. You must feel prepared because the shiny texture will be the object of attention in your outfit.

If you have decided to do it, the following tips will make you do it perfectly well

1. Go all-black

Preferably black, but you can also open yourself up to the possibility of brown. It’s not bad if you dare to innovate with other types of tones, but avoid pastel colors, wear clothes that balance, for example a plain sweater, a wool coat and stilettos.

2. Contrast the styles

Use textures that balance your outfit. Wearing skin on skin is not the most convenient. You will die of heat and also, you will wear a monotonous and boring style. Wear leather pants with a classic shirt and a plain sweater. If you are not a very tall girl, then opt for shirts that cover your butt.

3. Create an hourglass silhouette

If you are going to choose a totally black look, you can also highlight it with a belt that helps to better define your waist. To lengthen your figure, choose a blouse with a V-neckline and that’s it. You’ll show off an enviable figure.

4. The winning combo: camel and black

Do not overdo the colors. The brightness of the pants will already be showy enough to increase volume. Instead, keep it understated with fewer than two colors, and be careful with accessories, too.

These two colors together make an amazing blend that makes you look quite stylish. You don’t need flashy accessories. The camel does all the work.

5. Change the shoes to go from chic to comfortable

Wearing them with sneakers will give you a casual look but at the same time very fashionable and if you change them for stilettos you will immediately have an elegant, simple and perfect style.

6. If you don’t want to wear a dress, wear leather pants to a formal event.

A jacket, stilettos, a light top and a casual bag will give you the formal look you were looking for.

7. A jean jacket will be the rock touch

Highlight with a lace top or transparencies. As for the jean jacket, just roll up the sleeves for a fun look.

8. Dare to wear them with a patent leather texture and flats.

Leather pants are very striking, but if you want to look classy, ​​then combine them with a cute top and flats, especially if they are two-tone. Not only will they give you comfort to endure day to day, but you will also look very chic . Avoid flashy accessories and phosphorescent colors.