September 27, 2023


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7 perfect outfits to conquer at first sight on Valentine’s Day!

These looks will become your perfect bet to look completely incredible (and conquer at first sight) during this Valentine’s Day.

From a perfect hairstyle to makeup ( especially the lipstick, since whenever we think of passion, we go to the lips ) an impactful beauty look makes Valentine’s Day unique… And yes, all those details matter when it’s about attracting attention. But, you will give us the reason that finding the perfect outfit is undoubtedly the key point to conquer at first sight.

So get ready to say goodbye to the typical combinations that surround this date and give these looks a chance that will shine for their originality! He will definitely fall in love at first sight upon your arrival at his romantic Valentine’s gathering.

Skin type pants

Yes, the imitation leather pants that are the darlings of Kim Kardashian are conquering the street style scene , which is why they become a very trendy proposal to steal glances. Combine them with sober garments and in neutral tones to create a perfect elegant balance. They will be the key piece to have an impressive outfit on Valentine’s Day !

Satin power suit

Believe it or not, the power suit combined with a crop top can leave a marked work connotation, to gain a much more romantic accent. Choose it in the satin version of his and bold colors of his to make him look much more casual and for him to fall in love with you the second he sees you !

Dressed in floral motifs

The flowers are again starting to make their triumphant appearance as we move into the season and they will definitely fall in love with you at first sight if you wear it with the right garment. Our suggestion is to take them? A dress with puffed sleeves that you can easily find in stores.

Flashy jumpsuit

Forget the classic jumpsuit in neutral tones and dare to wear it in its most colorful version! Extra points if you dare to wear it in the textures of the season such as leatherette. The best thing is that this garment is ideal to accentuate your figure and give a powerful accent, so it goes amazing even if you are short.

Colorful dresses

Dresses with patterns that mix various colors are lately becoming one of the most successful bets you can make. Do not hesitate to buy one for this season as you will be able to get a lot out of it.

Tweed jacket + jeans

A tweed jacket will always be an elegant and highly romantic bet to wear on Valentine’s Day. Combine it with your favorite jeans to make it look much more youthful and prevent it from adding years due to its formality.

Slouchy jeans

If you are looking for a comfortable bet that makes you look completely trendy, slouchy jeans will be your best allies. And it is that these pants, despite having a loose structure, can become extremely flattering. Add some heels to elevate your look and you’ll be ready.