September 26, 2023


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3 garments that will no longer be a trend in winter (and those that will)

It’s too cold to wear dresses, but if you want to wear them, we leave you these alternative clothes on trend!

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter: garments like dresses are and will continue to be one of our favorite options to look glam quickly and effectively; after all, with them you can create an IMPACT look in the blink of an eye. But what if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a dress without having to wear it?

It sounds complicated, but it is totally easy to solve, since here we present you alternative dresses. They are outfits that are created very quickly and still give that feeling that you are wearing pants, something perfect for those who do not like skirts!

Below, we show you which ones are FASHIONABLE for winter 2022 and which ones you should NOT wear even in your nightmares.

Yes to knitted coordinates, goodbye to patterns

They are presented as (long-sleeved) tops and are usually combined with midi skirts, miniskirts or trousers : the so-called co-ords , which were a big trend all year, will continue to be so.

While in the summer we focused on lightweight fabrics and colorful prints, now we’re opting for cozy knitwear in more neutral colors like cream, gray and beige.

Yes to overalls, bye-bye overalls

For many people, jumpsuits are the first garment that comes to mind when thinking of an alternative to a dress, so they cannot be missed here. In winter 2022 so-called overalls will become fashionable. They always have an air of lightweight clothing (yes, the classic blue overalls say hello!) and often come in a loose fit, long sleeves, and made from sturdier materials.

Ideal, as these fibers keep cold air out and you still have enough space underneath for (hidden) tights and a thermal top. Add some military type boots and voilà, you are ready to look amazing this winter season.

If it seems too informal, you can combine it with some golden jewelry, be it necklaces or bracelets. Get inspired by this look that the singer HER recently wore!

Yes to wool suits, goodbye to linen suits

Of course, an alternative to the classic dress cannot be missing from our list. For this, we recommend a tailored suit. While we were long overdue to save the extreme temperature-proof linen version for next summer, suits made from wool now celebrate their winter renaissance each year.

No wonder, because although linen is known for its cooling effect, it is wool that provides the extra portion of warmth. And if chunky knitting still isn’t enough, throw on a knit jumper under a loose-fitting blazer.