September 21, 2023


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2023 will say goodbye to these 5 clothes that will no longer be in style

It’s time to say goodbye! Find out which are the pieces that will be totally out next year.

If there is something that is totally clear, it is that 2023 is just around the corner and that the world of fashion is constantly changing. Although it hurts us, a lot of clothes that one season are the hottest, for the next they are totally out.

And since we know that you will love being at the forefront of trends and style , we set ourselves the task of compiling the 5 garments that will no longer be in fashion in 2023 , so that you can say goodbye to them at once and make the most of them during this season. Time of year

Bikers: the trend that is leaving in 2023

These pieces are breathing their last breath, because although we love them for their freshness and comfort, they will no longer be a piece that will be in trend in 2023 . Our recommendation is that during their last days before going to the closet, you combine them with blazers and tennis shoes at the opportunity you have to give them a triumphant exit from your looks.

Are leather pants no longer in fashion?

In 2022 we saw many garments made of this material everywhere, since by themselves they are a leading garment and easy to combine, however, by 2023 it will be time to let them rest in the closet (do not doubt that they will return soon) and open your heart to them. to metallic pants, which will replace them in the coming seasons.

Basket bags: the favorite of the it girls

A few seasons ago they positioned themselves in the taste of fashionistas, and even large fashion houses reinterpreted this style of bag. However, everything indicates that in 2023 they will no longer be a must-have.

Straight tailored trousers

These have been a great bet for several seasons, and although they are a very flattering silhouette, we should let them rest for a while. We know that tailored trousers will continue to be important for fashion , but their rage will no longer be the same as in 2022.

Leggings and boots lose prominence in the looks

They were the favorites of many celebrities like Rosalía, but the reality is that they are usually difficult to balance the silhouette with other clothes. If you want to wear boots in the coming seasons, a great alternative is cowboy style.

We know that it is probably difficult for you to say goodbye to more than one garment that will no longer be in trend by 2023 , but remember that fashion is cyclical and that surely in less than you imagine, you will see it again on the catwalk and you You are free to dress as you prefer, your style is dictated by you, beyond trends .